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Killing The Snowman, A Thredbo Tale

A perfect afternoon, we just had schnitzels and apple strudel.

On the chairlift, silence and nothing else, we could just sit back and relax.

Among nature, we slowly slipped into a dreamy state, with no end in sight.

Strange combination of soft whiteness and comforting cold.

It all happened in a hurry : lift the bar, extract yourself, push with one hand.

Back on our skis, we looked straight ahead before taking the plunge.

Right at the edge, I heard a few words, suspended in time.

I woke up and turned around, two boys were hitting Him with their poles.

They were six or seven, not much older, they could have been His friends.

He was so tiny, it’s crazy to think anyone would go after him.

“Kill the snowman!”, the boys said again, before disappearing behind rocks.

I stared at the remains of the snowman, between two barren trees.

In silence, I wondered where my wife had gone.


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