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Australian Daily

“This book is not a work of fiction; it is a true story―or 365 short stories in fact―based on my best recollection of daily events in my first year spent living in Sydney, one very big year altogether. Familiar images spring to mind when one thinks of Australia, but how many of them accurately reflect what the country is really like? And what about Sydney? It’s a city most Sydneysiders think they know pretty well. But how does one really describe what it is about this place that attracts so many people—and also Queenslanders—to it? It is because of such questions that my mind is always searching, and when I find the truth, only then can I rest.”


Australian Daily feels real and allows me to see Sydney through a filter I hadn’t thought of.

Daniel Milnor, Photo journalist, San Francisco

Mieux qu’un livre sur Sydney, Australian Daily est le parcours quotidien des aventures d’Ollie, un jeune français débarqué down under dans sa nouvelle ville : Sydney. 

Le Petit Journal, Sydney 



“Day 1 minus 24 hours




DEAREST, WE HAD a torrid affair! You with your centuries-old pubs, your mile-long list of activities in Time Out and your hordes of restless 20-somethings and ambitious 30-somethings seeking their fortune. I was one of them for a very long time… and I thought we would last forever. But a chilled distance seemed to have grown between us. I grew weary of your chatter about how bad the weather is, how bankers are the absolute evil and why Brighton is the best beach you can offer. Your bewilderment when I chose to live in South Hampstead over South Kensington. We made no sense to each other anymore. And, to be honest, there was someone else on the side. I left you, London, for Sydney.” 

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